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Service Fees

Effective 3/1/2024:

Share Value
Share Value PAR
Par Value of one share $25.00
Draft and ACH Accounts
Service Fee
Stop Payment (ACH, Check, Official Check) $25.00
Bill Pay Stop Payment / Online Stop Payment $25.00
Draft Copy $25.00

Overdraft Fee: Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

An NSF service charge is assessed each time an item is presented against insufficient funds. The payee (or the payee's institution) may re-present a previously returned item. Each presentment against insufficient funds will result in a separate service charge. 



See Disclosure for more details. 

Return Check $10.00
Official Checks / Money Orders $3.00 Each
Dormant / Inactive $10.00 Per Month
ATM / Visa Debit Card
Service Fee
Replacement Debit Card $10.00
Point of Sale: Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00
ATM Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00

International Transaction Fee

This fee applies to any debit card transaction made at a location in a foreign country, or payable to a merchant located in a foreign country even if you initiate the transaction from withing the United States. 

1.00% of transaction amount.

See Disclosure for details. 


VISA Credit Card
Service  Fee
Late Payment $35.00
Returned Check $25.00
Replacement Card $10.00
Vehicle / Motorcycle / RV Loan
Service Fee
Lien Registration Filing $55.00
UCC1 Filing VARIABLE | PASS-Through
Real Estate
Service Fee
Release VARIABLE | PASS-Through
HELOC Advance $0.00
Mtg. Verification $25.00
Mtg. Origination $750.00
Mtg. Appraisal - 1st


Real Estate Loan Late Fee 5% of Payment Amount, minimum fee of $30.00.
Domestic Wire Transfers
Service Fee
Outgoing Wire Fee $20.00
Incoming Wire Fee $20.00
International Wire Transfers
Service Fee
Outgoing Wire Fee $35.00
Incoming Wire Fee $35.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Service Fee

Printed History:

     1-3 months

     4 months or more


No Charge

$15 per hour of research.

Account Reconciliation $25.00 / Hour
Account Closed with 90 Day of Opening $5.00

Notary for Members

Notary for Non-Members



Levy / Garnishment $50.00
Execution / Attachment $50.00
Escheat Processing $25.00
Return Mail (per item) $5.00
MessagePay Service Fee $10.00
Monthly Bill Pay Service Fee $4.00
IRA / HSA Transfer Fee $30.00

Paper Statement Fee

Fee wiaved for Members under 18 and over 55.

$3.00 (per paper cycle)