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Club Accounts - Skyline Financial Federal Credit Union

Holiday Club Account

Skyline Financial's Holiday Account is a year round automatic savings plan designed for members who want to save for the holidays.

  • A Holiday Club Account helps you save extra money during the year for your shopping needs.
  • Enrollment is open throughout the year.
  • For your convenience, we can automatically transfer any authorized amount from your savings or checking account or set up a payroll deduction to your Holiday Club Account.

Savings Scenario

Save: $88.00 per month for one year

Earn: $1,056 PLUS a small dividend

Holiday Club Benefits

  • Deposit any amount at any time
  • No fee charged for early withdrawal of funds
  • Dividends credited monthly

Vacation Club Account

Wish you had the money to take a vacation when it was actually time to take a vacation?  Open up a Vacation Club Account at Skyline Financial and let us automatically transfer a predetermined amount from your checking or savings account or set up payroll deduction.

When it’s time for your vacation…you’ll be ready.  Plan your next vacation now!

Vacation Club Benefits

  • Dividends credited monthly
  • Funds are available when you are ready to travel
  • Deposits can be made at any time