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Exciting Tech and Infrastructure Changes coming in 2022!

CEO James Higgins is investing in technology to improve services for Skyline Financial Federal Credit Union. The tech projects have begun in September 2021, and we’re expecting launches all throughout 2022 for various products.

These products include:

  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Brand-New Mobile Application
  • Updated Online Banking
  • Mobile Wallets for
    • Apple Pay
    • Samsung Pay
    • Google Pay
  • New ATM installed at our branch located 3528 E. Main St, Waterbury
  • New ATM network partnership to bring you surcharge free withdrawals around the WORLD
  • Better online application experience for loans
  • Better online application experience for opening an account
  • More remote-based services to update your address and more without needing to come into the office
  • Additional loan add-ons such as Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) for auto loans

The credit union and staff will experience tech updates as well including:

  • New computers on a 3-year expiration schedule
  • Updated equipment
  • Phone peripherals to help have conversations without holding a phone
  • Better and up to date servers
  • More internet security to protect our data

Stay tuned for more updates as announcements will follow!