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Daily Limits Increased

Announcing new daily limits!


We've received multiple requests to increase the daily limit usages. Members have historically been required to call us each and every time you need to spend more than $300.00 in a given day. With today's cost of groceries and gas, we recognize that $300.00 goes faster than expected and if you're trying to shop and get things done on the weekends while we're not open, it doesn't help.

With that being said, we're pleased to announce that all members have a daily limit of $1,500.00 for their debit cards effective immediately. So now, if you need to get groceries, gas, and pay some bills using your Skyline Financial Federal Credit Union Debit Card, you should be able to accomplish it all in one day. 

Also, this means you have access to more cash at ATMs as well. Keep in mind, some ATMs may have limits that prohibit a withdraw up to our maximum, but you should be good to go at most of them.   

Finally, keep in mind that you cannot "borrow" funds. So this $1,500.00 is not a line of credit nor allows you to go negative in your account. You must have funds available in your account in order to use your card. If you do need to spend more than $1,500.00 in one day, please call us so we can arrange an exception on your account. We'll ask you some verification and spending needs questions and will be more than happy to assist. 

Don't have a debit card? No problem, all members qualify for a debit card with their SKYLINE FINANCIAL FCU checking account. Call us today to get an account set up and a debit card ordered. No credit check required.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

-James A. Higgins, MBA

President and CEO - Skyline Financial Federal Credit Union